Clip ‘n Climb is excited to reveal the latest launch of its catalogue of fun climbing challenges: Artifact. A visually striking challenge with four climbing lines of mixed difficulties, Artifact is an exciting and accessible addition to the Clip ‘n Climb range.


A challenge for everyone

With four climbing lines of varying difficulties, Artifact is a challenge fit for the whole family – from Clip ‘n Climb first-timers, to fully-fledged Clip ‘n Climb fanatics. Each side of the tower offers a unique climbing experience, with textured surfaces for enhanced grip. One climbing line even has no holds for that added level of challenge! A mix of different difficulties means that Artifact is suitable for all levels, in keeping with Clip ‘n Climb’s inclusivity mission of making climbing accessible for everyone.

A visually spectacular challenge

With a geometric, pixelated appearance, Artifact is visually like no other challenge on the market! The free-standing tower is constructed from the same recurring module, stacked and rotated 90 degrees to give its ‘blocky’ image. Teaming up with other Clip ‘n Climb challenges, Artifact has the potential to make your centre stand out from the crowd.

A great fit for all centres

Artifact occupies a smaller surface area than a classic challenge tower, making it the perfect solution for smaller Clip ‘n Climb arenas. Aside from its reduced footfall area, the capacity to occupy four climbers at any given time means that a larger number of customers can come through the door per session.

Danny Hodgson, Clip ‘n Climb Commercial Manager, said:

“We’re thrilled to add Artifact to our challenge range! Not only is it a visually impressive addition to any Clip ‘n Climb arena, it also allows for a larger visitor capacity per hour due to its four climbing lines. Aside from being innovative and pushing the limits of what fun climbing has to offer, we are constantly striving to create added value for centre owners, making sure that they get the most out of their business.”

Find out more

We’re showcasing Artifact at two of the leading international leisure exhibitions this month – the Saudi Entertainment & Amusement Expo (SEA) and IAAPA Asia. Come along to our stand (1D98 at SEA and 309 at IAAPA Asia) for more information about our latest challenge launch.

To find out more about the Clip ‘n Climb concept, get in touch here.

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